Wk 9 References PP, health & medical homework help

I need assistance with references and a reference page. APA format. I need 8 references in total. 4 references need to be academic journals. the other 4 can be regular references. The references cannot be more than 5 years old. Then create a reference page with the 8 references. I need a reference for each of the following topics below: Due tonight in 5 hours. Please do not use any references from the United Kingdom> Refeernces must be from the USA only.

1. ADHD in adults

2. Genralized anxiety disorder in adults

3. Depression in adults

4. methylphenidates (medication)

5. amphetimines salts (Medication)

7. ADHD is it hereditary

8. Medications for ADHD

Due in 5 hours Please do not accept the assignment if you cannot complete the reference page in 5 hours.