The Volkswagen Diesel Emission Fraud Case Assignment 3

Identify your case:

Engineering Ethics Spring 2019 Assignment 3

You can chose between Case 2, Case, 3, the Volkswagen Diesel Emission Fraud Case, engineering aspects of the Flint, Michigan contaminated water supply debacle. For your case, you are to prepare a response and submit It.

Your response should use 1.5-line spacing and be a maximum of 7 pages, although you are encouraged to keep your response to between 5 and 7 pages in total.

Assigned Tasks or Questions to be addressed:

1. Provide a brief summary of the sequence of relevant actions/events (a bullet-point summary in your written response is acceptable if appropriate). Suggested length: 2 pages or less.

2. What was or were the ethical dilemmas or ethical violations that were inherent in this case. If there were more than two, please identify the two that you find most critical or egregious. Suggested length: less than one page.

3. Using the “Utilitarian Model,” the “Respect for Person’s Model,” and the “NSPE Code of Ethics,” reflect on what each of these would help resolve the ethical dilemma or which may have been violated in any ethical violation. Suggested length: 2 pages

4. If you had been an engineer involved in this case (working for the company or companies facing the dilemma), what could you have done to help resolve the ethical dilemma, avoid the ethical violation, or report the ethical violation (pick one approach). Suggested length: less than 1 page.