Text book reading in PDF and then answer question 1-6 and question on attached word doc.

  1. Interpret the genotype of the heterozygote if the inheritance pattern for a genetic disorder is shown to be completely dominant.
  2. Examine the genotype of the child, the mother, and the possible genotypes of the father for a child with type O blood who is born to a mother with type A blood.
  3. Describe the possible genotypes if a homozygous red-eyed Drosophila female is crossed with a red-eyed male.
  4. Explain the chances that a color blind woman who is married to a man with normal vision will produce
    1. Color-blind sons
    2. Color-blind daughters
    3. Carrier daughters
  5. Identify the genotype of all individuals involved in a cross between a brown-haired woman and a black-haired man that produce all brown-haired male offspring and all black-haired female offspring assuming X-linkage.
  6. Draw a diagram showing the inheritance pattern of an X-linked trait using Fig. 11.19 on p. 202.