system is gone wrong…


I have this problem: my student paid me downpayment and then the rest. It does say that student has paid me money. However, it doesn’t reflect on my balance. I still have balance as it was before he paid. There is something going on with the system. Did you have this issue before? 

 I also have another student that put 14.37 downpayment and the whole question cost is 37$. It says that it has been pending only 14.37$. Isn’t it suppose to show pending the rest (37-14.37)?

Usually, downpayment would reflect on my balance right away, and the rest would be pending. It doesn’t show this anymore. It is only pending 14.37$ out of 37$. Something definitely gone wrong with my account. Maybe that is the reason why my gold tutor application has been pending for two weeks now. I was wondering if this is something to worry about? Or if you ever had the same problem, then how did you solve it?