Stress Management Values Clarification & Self Talk Journal Assignment

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Journal Topics to Write About:

In your journal, you will record periods of stress, as well as good things that happen during your day. Anytime you use a stress reduction technique, record what you did and how effective it was. Other topics to cover in your journal are as follows:

Values Clarification – What do you value? What are your priorities?

Use of Time – Does your use of time reflect what you value? How does your use of time complement or inhibit your values and goals?

Self-talk – Is your self-talk negative? What type of self-talk do you notice? Are your thoughts illogical or irrational?

Spiritual Enrichment – How do you satisfy your soul? How do you discover and nourish your deepest self?

Explain the stress management techniques you have applied to your life – This is a description and analysis of the time when you applied any stress management techniques.

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