Problem Statement, health and medicine homework help

Problem Statement

Overview (Instructions)

The assignment is to refine the focus of your project topic(“Racial and Ethnic Disparities in HIV/AIDS and pregnancy among Teens in the U.S.”) so that it clearly makes a case for taking action on the public health issue that you identified in your last assignment. Give a successful explanation as to why this public health problem is a public health issue. Come up with detailed definition(s) of public health, on the nature of health disparities. Take a look at my topic and come up with ways to make the explanation clearer or more persuasive. Then add one more element to turn your topic selection into a Problem Statement: come up with specific evidence, facts and data, to justify the need to do something about the problem you have identified. The key to this part of the assignment is to make the case for taking action—for using public resources, like people’s time and effort and budget dollars, to do something to address the problem. This is assignment is 1 and ½ pages.

Problem Statement Scoring Guide

1. Identifies a specific health issue or problem, providing evidence to support reasons for concern.

2. Explains why a particular health problem is a public health issue, citing the appropriate public health principle and providing evidence that this problem qualifies.

3. Justifies the need to address a specific public health problem or issue, supporting assertions with citations of facts and data.

4. Including citing and referencing credible sources in APA formatting.