Patient Safety Quality Improvement

Describe an important patient safety problem you propose to address in a particular health care setting (i.e. hospital, clinic). Develop a proposal for the implementation and evaluation of a quality improvement intervention that is appropriate to address the problem and feasible for the selected health care setting.

I have chosen to write about ( Medication Errors in Elderly patients)

The paper should not exceed 10 pages (doubled spaced) typed in Microsoft Word

with (Times New Roman 12 font) 1-inch margins. We do not accept any papers in PDF,

Microsoft Excel or other formats. Include references drawn from the course readings

and from the literature, citing all references appropriately. One point will be

deducted for each day late.

Grading Scheme:

The final exam paper will be graded on the basis of 100 possible points which will be allocated according to the following criteria for each paper option:

Patient Safety Quality Improvement Proposal >> Use subtitle for this :

  • Demonstrates strong understanding of relevant patient safety issues/problem (20 pts)
  • Appropriate use of literature to support arguments / claims and appropriateness of the selected quality improvement (20 pts)
  • Detailed description of implementation of the quality improvement, with concern for
  • feasibility and organizational barriers (20 pts)

  • Strong plan for the evaluation/assessment of the effectiveness of the quality improvement
  • (20 pts)

  • Clear, logical, and fully developed discussion / arguments (10 pts)
  • Solid presentation (use of proper grammar, adheres to page limit, cites references appropriately) (10 pts)