Patient Advocacy Letter

  • Identify current legislation that coincides with ethical topics
  • Formulate rhetoric based in ethical framework
  • Draft a letter to an authority advocating for change


What is a patient advocate?

How to Advocate for your patient

Patient Advocacy Letter

This assignment is designed to help you incorporate an ethical perspective and argument to persuade an authority. Here are the steps for this assignment:

  1. Find a topic up for legislation that impassions you by visiting
  2. On this site, you can search for active bills by topic. However, if you are aware of a certain piece of legislation or policy happening in your state or institution, you may opt to advocate for or against this instead.
  3. Draft a letter, addressed to the appropriate sponsor of the bill, advocating either in support or against the legislation utilizing an ethical argument logically formulated and based in theoretical framework of an ethical perspective. Your letter should be no longer than 2 pages long.
  4. Submit this letter to the Blackboard Link by Friday at Midnight (MST)