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Assignment Instructions

Normally you would do Part II and then Part I, but for this course and to help you see how it all fits together we have switched it around.

Part I: Practice Plans

Develop 5 days worth of consecutive daily practice plans. Plan for practices that last anywhere from 90-120 minutes based on your preference and level of coaching. Provide the following on each of your daily practice plans and feel free to use the examples in chapter 8 as a guide: (I would also suggest creating your Practice Plans in Excel. You can enter your information and easily “hide” Drills and Strategies you may not want to use right away. You can always have them “available to you” to “unhide” them when you need the Drills, etc.):

1) Date

2) Length of Practice & Start Time

3) Practice Objectives

4) Time allotted for each drill/activity

5) Name of drill/activity

6) Description of each drill/activity

7) Key Teaching Points

Part II: Season Plans

Create your own Games Approach Season Plan that correlates with your five daily practice plans. Provide your purpose of each practice and list the new skills to be introduced.

Note: Using the first five days of practice for your season is suggested for this assignment. If your team has tryouts, you may want to begin this assignment with practices that occur after tryouts. Also, feel free to include any other items that you feel are important on your daily practice plans.




Essay is completed with content that is comprehensive and accurate. Major points are stated clearly; are supported by specific details, examples, or analysis; and are organized logically.


Clear and thorough individual practice plans. Plans must be “easy” to understand and follow, organized, well-structured, and demonstrates quality objectives daily and drills/modified games that help athletes accomplish specific goals and improve their individual and team skills.


Clear and thorough Season Plans which provide drills and modified games which will be covered in practice throughout the season. Season plans should demonstrate alignment with goals and objectives for the team and demonstrate progression.


Overall quality of work in comparison to the classroom norm. Meets the minimum length requirement.


Submission on time, Rules of grammar, usage, and punctuation are followed and spelling is correct. APA format, references included.