N4685 UTA Management of Urinary Tract Infections capstone reflective journal

Assignment is attached. Please follow the rubric. I AM ALSO attaching assignments from this week

APA formatting for journal sources-all journal sources require a doi. If the doi is not available, use the URL or database (EX: Retrieved from EBSCO database). No credit is given if the doi or a retrieval source is missing. APA title page-make sure you view the sample UTA CON title page in resources. All references must be less than five years old.

  • if your focus area is NP, you may look at educating on clinical issues r/t UTIs.

Module 2: Identify 3 key points form this module.Reflect on how why each point is important, how it impacts on your work experience or nursing practice, and how will you change your practice in the future based on each key area.

Key Point 1

Key Point 2

Key Point 3