Indiana University Information System Team Management Paper

Introduction and Alignment

Executives shaking hands

Think about the diverse roles of the committee members on the Systems Selection subcommittee (or steering committee). It is important to have executives involved in order to gain their support for the process. They become champions for this process and help gain support from their subordinates. You also want to include other stakeholders such as nurses, doctors, administrators, and others who will be impacted by the new system.

Upon completion of this assignment, you should be able to:

  • Recommend and construct health information systems in order to meet organizational objectives.


  • Textbook: Information Systems for Healthcare Management

Background Information

In this activity, you will scrutinize the role of the IT staff members in the system selection process.


  1. In your textbook, Information Systems for Healthcare Management, read Chapter 8, “Systems Selection and Contract Management.”
  2. In your journal for the week, select one step in the system selection process.
    1. Briefly describe it.
    2. Should the Information Systems team members be involved at this point?
      1. Explain why or why not.
    3. Which step do you think they would be most beneficial in and why?
  3. Your journal entry should be no longer than two paragraphs.
  4. Submit your entry to the dropbox by the end of the workshop.