HUN1201 Complete Dietary Intake Presentation

You will still be able to compare your intake to what the current recommendations are. I am not expecting exact calculations on calories, and grams of all Macro and Micro nutrients. Please make comparisons, by commenting on excesses and deficiencies of food groups, as stated on page 5; Step 4.

Please find the template of a food record, which you can fill in, under the ‘Diet Analysis Instructions’. The rubric criteria will be found there as well.

Hopefully, you will find this exercise insightful to your eating habits. Most importantly, evaluate your responses to these questions;

  • Did you meet your target? Were you under/over?
  • Compare each section of the plate with what you ate, and use this information to write a detailed analysis.
  • Discuss reasons your intake either exceeds, meets or is below your target. Make suggestions where changes could be made in order to meet your target amounts.
  • Did you experience any portion distortion? We you surprised at how many (or how few) calories were in something that you ate? See MyPlate Portion Distortion:
  • Name at least one nutrient from each food group that you could be at risk if you do not meet (or if you exceed) the recommended amounts.

Again, this is to be in the format of a Power Point (~ 20 slides), there is no additional paper due on this topic.