Human Mate Selection Lab Report

Write a introduction follow the requirement below. 300-500 words.

can use information in the link:


Males prefer a mate with a slim body, regardless of waist to hip ratio, because it suggests  cardiovascular health

 Our definition of slim is – Low body fat( low fat meaning 20-25% body fat – see picture for reference,) , and narrow hips)

Females ,regardless of weight and height, prefer males that have an athletic body.

Our definition of athletic is – Low body fat percentage, lean muscle  signaling cardiovascular health, a body that is symmetrical and evenly proportioned.

Introduction: general → specific

  • Follow the thought process behind developing the hypotheses before you looked at the data
    • Do NOT change the hypotheses
  • What’s the big picture?  Think of your study’s relation to important, broader issues. “Important” issues don’t necessarily mean curing cancer or eliminating world hunger; you can discuss the importance of understanding human evolution!
  • What was known before? Refer to findings of previous studies (citations are necessary!)
    • Remember to indicate what species they studied
    • Discuss the fitness benefits of the preference or advertised trait your experiment focuses on.
  • Lead into what your work is going to add (Previous conflicting results? Different approach?)
  • End on your hypotheses (what do you expect to find, why you think so)