Code of Ethics Paper

(100 points)

On page 13 our textbook defines a Code of Ethics as “A statement that highlights an organization’s key ethical issues and identifies the overarching values and principlesthat are important to the organization and its decision making.”

Your assignment is to research and examine the code of ethics for professionals in the industry that you currently work (or plan on working in).

Paper should include –

 A list of professional organizations that are applicable to the industry

o Include a summary in your own words of the Code of Ethics for members in that organization.

o If by chance there are no organizations, describe what you think a Code of

Ethics should be.
 A discussion of the most common ethical issues related to your industry.

o Identify a few real life case studies of ethical dilemmas within your industry

o Discuss what aspect of the Code of Ethics was violated, and how the

issue was resolved. Do you think the resolution was correct?

 Finally, discuss your approach to ethical leadership

o As a leader would you strive toward creating an ethical workplace environment?

 If so

  •  Does a Code of Ethics help? Why?
  •  What strategies would you use to ensure ethical decisionmaking?
  •  What challenges do see as barriers to achieving your goal? If not
  •  Defend why you believe ethics is not necessary.
  •  Paper
  • APA 6 Format– 7 to10 pages