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Applied exponential growth example.


  • N(t) = (N0) ekt
    • N0 is y intercept
    • kt is slope, but is an exponential power

N(t) = pop at time “t”

t = years since time 0

N0 = pop at time 0

k = growth rate (% expressed as decimal)

The state of Jamaica can produce 4kg of corn per m2 on its 350,000 hectares (3.5 billion m2) of farmland. The initial population is 2mil and each person consumes 175 kg/year.

1. If your population growth is 1%, how long before your population becomes larger than you can support? What if it is 2%? What if it is 0.4%?

2. Graph all three lines (separate lines are OK). Population vs. time or corn consumed vs. time.

3. Indicate where the food needs of the population exceeds corn supply…