answer two questions

1.Given limitations of environmental analysis, is environmental analysis worth the effort required? Why?

2.Which of the environmental analysis strategic thinking frameworks are most useful? Why?

answer hint:

for the question1.

These limitations include:

● Environmental analysis cannot foretell the future.

● Managers cannot see everything.

● Sometimes pertinent and timely information is difficult or impossible to obtain.

● There may be delays between the occurrence of external events and management’s ability to interpret them.

● Sometimes there is a general inability on the part of the organization to respond quickly enough to take advantage of the issue detected.

● Managers’ strongly held beliefs sometimes inhibit them from detecting issues or interpreting them rationally.

for the question2.

environmental analysis strategic thinking frameworks include:

1.Simple Trend Identification and Extrapolation

2.Delphi Method

3.Nominal Group Technique


5.Focus Groups

6.Dialectic Inquiry

7.Stakeholder Analysis

8.Scenario Writing