shutter island scene analysis

In a formal paper of 3-5 pages (Times New Roman, Font 12 Double Spaced), create a shot-by-shot analysis of a scene from the film Shutter Island. You may need to watch the film several times and take notes. Also, remember that a scene and a dvd chapter are NOT the same thing. Focus on the way editing and mise en scene create patterns of meaning.VERY IMPORTANT –  3-5 page minimum, Times New Roman, Font 12, Double Spaced,Check out this link for a excellent example of a scene by scene analysis of the same movie.  Due to this link “The Chase” scene is not allowed for this assignment.Copy and paste: will be assessed on the following criteria.1. Student recognizes various components of film and describe how they work to create meaning.2. Student describes and analyzes the style of the film.3. Student compares films produced in different styles to the film.4. Student uses rhetorical strategies for incorporating production history and film scholarship into their analysis of the film.5. Student uses vocabulary of film terminology and concepts.