Scholar-Practitioner Project Assignment: Survey Protocol

a 4- to 5-page protocol for a survey to gather information about the problem in your Scholar-Practitioner Project. The protocol should include the following:The population is the Native American IndianA brief set of objectives for the surveyDescribe the population you would sample and explain why.Describe your data collection method you might use and explain why.Describe your data analysis method and explain why.A 1-page (10–20 questions) questionnaire for the survey.Use the resources and current literature to support your response.Soriano, F. I. (2013). Conducting needs assessment: A multidisciplinary approach (2nd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.Chapter 9, “Recruiting and Collecting Data From Participants”Sarsour, L., Tong, V. S., Jaber, C., Talbi, M., & Julliard, K. (2010). Health assessment of the Arab American community in Southwest Brooklyn. Journal of Community Health, 35(6), 653–659.Note: Retrieved from Walden Library databases.University of Kansas. (2012). The Community Tool Box: Assessing community needs and resources.Section 13, “Conducting Surveys.” Retrieved from of California, San Francisco. (2011). Family health outcomes project. Availabe at: