Advance Biostats PUBLIC HEALTH (Confounding and Effect Modification Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs)

DUE 7/7/19  8 PP.M ESTBE ON TIME, ORIGINAL WORK!Do you know a confounder or effect modifier when you see one? If you read a study and suspected confounding or effect modification, how would you assess it? For this Assignment, you will answer questions about the possible role of confounders and effect modifiers and quantitatively assess the impact of confounders and effect modifiers on the results of a study.Using the Week 6 Assignment: Confounding and Effect Modification document provided: Confounding and Effect ModificationDirected Acyclic Graphs (DAGs) (10 points)To complete this section, please review the articles on DAGs in the Week 5 Learning Resources. You may use any drawing tools available to you to create the DAGs requested below, although it does not need to be sophisticated software; for example, Microsoft Word’s Insert Shapes and Text Box features are sufficient tools to create these diagrams.For each of the following epidemiological scenarios, draw a DAG that represents the relationships between the variables: (5 points each)A researcher is studying the association between family income (I), family history of diabetes (H) and the occurrence of diabetes (D) as an adult. Income and family history are believed to be independent risk factors for diabetes