400 Discussion Public Health (Research Methods in Occupational Epidemiology

Due 10/2  7 p.m EST400 words not including title & ref min 3 APATraumatic injuries have plagued occupational workers for centuries. Epidemiologists consider several methodological approaches in order to effectively advance research and prevent occupational illnesses and injuries. For example, epidemiologists conduct field investigations of individual workplaces. They identify potential workplace hazards, measure and control levels of exposure, and develop appropriate prevention and control strategies. In addition, epidemiologists often use data from administrative reports submitted to agencies responsible for compensation, labor inspection, or occupational health and safety to develop occupational health initiatives.. Select an article from the  Library about an occupation-related health issue that impacts your community and think about how those data were collected. Consider how the data might be used to improve prevention or intervention initiatives already in place or to develop new initiatives.With these thoughts in mind:Post a descriptive epidemiology of the occupation-related health issue or injury you selected. Explain how the data were collected. Describe one strength and one limitation of the data collection method used in the article. Based on the data, recommend an initiative you might use to reduce the burden of this issue in your community. Support your post using scholarly resources