1. Follow guidelines of  Attached proposal outline2. The formal proposal must provide a clear and lucid description of a question, project or problem and a proposed method of answering the question, addressing the project or solving the problem.3. Proposal drafting is considered a learning process and helps you avoid oversights and possible mistakes; so you may send me a draft before going final.4. Again, guidance on the format of the proposal and a sample proposal are contained in the Capstone Manual provided.5. The proposal should explain the question, project, or problem to be investigated and convince the professor that the question, project or problem merits investigation. It should show that you have read the relevant and recent literature on the subject and it should contain a list of materials consulted during the preliminary stages of your research or project. In general, the research proposal or project should include background information related to the research topic or project, purpose of the thesis or project, and investigatory procedures to be used.6. The formal proposal should not exceed five (5) pages (proposal title page not included).8. Also review your articles/sources and continue writing your 25 -page literature review due week eight.APA FORMAT5 pages maxabout 10 references  (url must be attached)Due sunday morning