Response to peer D2 (3167)

Please, write a response to the following discussion by using one reference from an English titled, peer reviewed NURSING journal less than 5 y/o.When you do research you are looking for answers. The reason for this discussion is to write about what the strength of research study is. With most nursing research the patient is the main focus. Evidence-based practices (EBP) were constructed because nurses started asking questions about the standard methods of care that were originally introduced. Along with the EBP, scholars have written articles with studies that have provided others with data that has made an effect on a population. Literature has been published or shared regarding studies and their results.From the information I gathered, the strength of a research study is the ability to documentation data that was collected upon completion of the study. With the literature that is gathered it is then available to other nurses and providers that may have questions. Research is done to solve problems and show proof with the evidence obtained (Polit & Beck, 2018). By using explanations of the methods being used to conduct the study, the people that are reading can get an in-depth understanding of what theory was used, the subjects in the study, the reason why the study was conducted, and the end results to determine if the study answered any questions that could improve the quality of care of the subjects.Through research many ideas can be made. With any information collected through studies, that can help providers comes up with care plans to have the patient have better outcomes. The goals of research is to focus on getting the best outcomes and results possible. Research studies are read by peers and later published by nursing databases like CINAHL. That database can help nurses that may want to start a research study by providing articles written done be other nurse researchers. If nurses plan to get into research there are programs that can help you with the resources to gather your information and start documenting about findings to help the future nurses. They even provide a research mentor (Walton, Sankey, & Jensen, 2017).