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Include in your response:1. A commonality between yourself and your peer, or something about them that you find interesting.2. Compare your response to the responses of your peers.  How do your posts differ; how are they the same?3. Discuss how your past educational experiences related to theory differed, if at all.4. Contrast their opinions with your own.5.Present new referencesthat support your opinions.Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas withcitations and referencesin APA format.DISCUSSION POST TO RESPOND TO IS LISTED  BELOW.DISCUSSION POST TO RESPOND TO IS LISTED  BELOW.My specialty area is telemetry and I love the elderly population. I am working towards my master’s degree for family nurse practitioner and would like to specialize in gerontology. I have been in the healthcare field for many years, starting out as a nurse assistant. I then became an LPN. I went back to school in 2007 to pursue my RN degree and graduated and became registered in 2009. I just completed my BSN last month and I have headed full speed ahead to complete my Masters. I love to travel, and my greatest passion is spending time with my 6 grandchildren.Nursing theory, in my opinion, is important to the foundation of nursing. By giving nurses a sense of identity, Nursing theory can help patients, managers and other healthcare professionals to recognize the unique contribution that nurses make to the healthcare service. Providing a definition of nursing theory also helps nurses to understand their purpose and role in the healthcare setting (Colley, 2013). Because the nursing profession has had a hard time proving itself, having a strong foundation based on theory will provide us with the backing we need to prove to naysayers that what nurses do goes beyond wifely duties or those of a non-licensed caregiver. Nursing theory provides a systematic explanation for describing and predicting the direction of the nursing profession.Colley, S. (2013). Nursing theory: Its importance to practice. Nursing Standard (through 2013), 17(46), 33-7. Retrieved from https://prx-herzing.lirn.net/login?url=https://search-proquest-com.prx-herzing.lirn.net/docview/219823000?accountid=167104