For Essays Guru – Educational Brochure

Educational BrochureDesign a trifold educational brochure, that will be used to educate the community, about one of the following topics:hypertensionhypercholesterolemiaheart failureartherosclerosispathophysiological factors that influence the incidence and manifestations of acute, episodic, and chronic diseases in populations across the lifespanBrochure ContentsTwo evidenced-based web sites or journal articles as a referenceRisk factorsPossible consequencesPrevention strategiesTreatment modalitiesI know that you have all seen a tri-fold brochure before. It is essentially an document that is turned on its side and folded so there are 3 sections.Here is an exampleIf you have never made one of these before- then please watch You Tube videos, or contact the writing center to assist you. LEARNING HOW TO MAKE A TRI-FOLD BROCHURE IS A REQUIREMENTS. It is an excellent tool. Do not submit a 4 page paper or a document  that’s just a table with 3 columns.When I grade your work I imagine that I would print this out, fold it and hand it to your patient.Is it professional?Are all 6 sides fully developed (DO NOT waste space! You do not need an address page)Are the references tucked away neatly in a small area (suggest using 8 pt font for 2-3 references at the bottom of one of your pages- it should not detract from the content)Will the patient learn what they need based on the assignment instructionsAre there visuals (pictures) that supplement the content but do not detract. In other words, don’t put a huge picture on each side of the brochure with minimal content and expect to get full credit. It should be balanced and professional looking.