PLEASE I NEED A GOOD COMMENT BASED IN THIS ARGUMENY TO POST IN MY ONLINE CLASSProfessional organizations related to nursing are crucial for generating the energy, flow of ideas and the proactive work needed to help maintain a healthy profession that advocates what the clients and nurses need and the trust of the society (Matthews, 2012). Newsletters and bulletin alerts help keep members aware of issues and explain developments that could affect nurses and the delivery of care to patients. Everyone this day in age has many ways to communicate with one another. Because us nurses have all these ways of communicating, we can analyze information that is provided to us and be able to respond quickly (Matthews, 2012).This day in age we have networking information-sharing features that help strengthen our ability to advocate for ourselves and nursing as a profession. This helps influence the development of policy and legislation.  Because nurses are great advocates, we seek to influence policies by arguing within political systems and institutions for an idea that can lead to decisions that can promote nursing and healthcare (Matthews, 2012).As nurses, we need to work together because we can get our voice heard more if we work in numbers, especially when it comes to legislative and introducing new policies. There are so many areas of communicating within organizations, that it is a good idea to be part of a nursing organization.ReferenceMatthews, J. H. (2011). Role of Professional Organizations in Advocating for the Nursing Profession, 17. Retrieved from