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data table for This chart displays the number of completed topics versus the total number of topics within module Discussion..Topic CompletionNumber of Tasks CompletedPace valueItem statusTooltipCompletion00Success0 of 2 topics completeList of Topics and Sub-Modules for Discussion{count} items shown.{count} items selected.All items selected.Clear SelectionUnit 3 Discussion Topic 1UpdatedDiscussion Introduction/OverviewTopic 1: Levels of PreventionDiscuss the following in your post:Create three scenarios where you would apply each of the three the levels of prevention.Unit 3 Discussion Topic 2UpdatedTopic 2: Communication and Establishing a Therapeutic RelationshipTherapeutic communication is essential. This required cultural competence and may be challenging when dealing with individuals who have different backgrounds, beliefs, and values than you.Explain how you would respond when an individual’s values conflict with yours. How would you communicate with that individual and/or their significant others and families? What aspects of the communication process can you use to overcome any potential barrier.Please review the Discussion Board Participation grading rubric under Course Resources in the Grading Rubrics section.This is important information that will ensure that you earn maximum points.Discusion Board requires a minimum of 200 words fo initial post, APA Style, Timesnew Roman, font 12I wil attach discussion Ribrick