Health and medical homework help with HCO’s Board Function and Oversight

Health Care Organization’s Board Function and Oversight Discussion Question 1 Considering the role of the oversight function of the board and the separation of powers from the HCO leadership and management, identify in order of importance the top five reasons that HCOs have boards and explain your answer. Discussion Question 2 Should there be independence/separation of the board from the HCO and the related requirement established by the Joint Commission? Considering why the board should have oversight of policy development and infractions, compliance, and fiduciary responsibility, provide the pros and cons of this configuration. Explain whether it is a good operating structure and the reasons it is or isn’t. Support your responses with credible references. Include in your responses your thoughts on the value of having at least a physician on the board. Submission Details: • Submit your answers in a 2- to 3-page Microsoft Word document. • Cite sources you use in APA format on a separate page