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Texas A & M International Wine Warehouse Company Safety Management Analysis

Write an APA formatted paper to address the assignment below. This paper should be approximately 4-5 pages long, not including cover, abstract, references, etc. Be sure the paper thoroughly answers the topics to be addressed and is justified and supported by empirical evidence. It would be best to separate out your answers to each topic in separate sections, which are appropriately identified in the paper.


You are the new corporate safety, health, and environmental director for a small, but growing manufacturing company that specializes in lithium-ion battery manufacturing for the automotive and aviation industries. Your organization is also set to expand into the European market in the near future with plans to start a manufacturing operation in the United Kingdom. As the corporate safety, health and environmental director you are to have quarterly meetings with corporate management.

Prior to your first meeting, the CEO has asked you to submit a report to the executive board. You are to submit a report on the need to formalize and integrate a formal environmental management system (EMS) within the organization. During your presentation, you must address the following:

  • explain what an EMS is,
  • explain the goals of an EMS,
  • explain how an EMS will assist your organization comply with environmental laws,
  • explain how an EMS will assist your organization reduce liability exposures,
  • and explain how the EMS will further benefit your organization.

In addition, you are to recommend whether or not your organization should work toward certification of its environmental management system by ISO 14001 standards. Be sure to explain why or why not and provide adequate support for your stance.