Your paper must include the following: Using the unique array of primary sources available, you are asked to examine the competing societal priorities (values) held by advocates on differing sides of corrections. You will need to study and look at a variety of views about the political, economical, and societal world view to begin to formulate your own views about the priorities and perspectives required for corrections. You will need to address who your stakeholders will be. A stakeholder is a person who either works in a prison or has knowledge about prisons. Your task is to write an executive summary reflecting your research and analysis on your type of prison. You may select a point of departure for your research according to your interests, either around a policy issue or an interest group. Your executive summary must demonstrate thorough familiarity with 1) the level of security you have chosen, 2) how do you plan to take this new vision to the public square, and 3) the diverse positions of various advocacy organizations (educational, business, governmental). This shall involve demonstrating a working knowledge of alternative proposals along with their supporting rationale . At a minimum, your summary should: Analyze the priorities (values) and perspectives (view of government’s role or the organization’s role) expressed in the various proposals discussed within your area of research. Be sure to compare and contrast competing or differing priorities and perspectives when you find them. Make sure you address how you will take this new concept to the public square (writing your Congressperson will not be sufficient). Requirements: Your essay must be concise and compact—i.e., not more than three (3) pages in length, not counting the Title page, Abstract, endnotes, and Reference. Standard format is typed, 12 cpi, double-spaced, 1 inch margins, and numbered pages. Include endnotes and references of all sources used, whether cited or not. All endnotes and reference page must be complete and consistent with the 11 APA Format 6th Edition. Your reference should be eight (8) resources with your textbook being one of your resources.