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This is your Assignment #2 to be prepared in a form of an essay format, the length of the paper should be no less than one (1) page (300 words)  per answer and not more than two pages written in an APA format.  Make sure that you submit a references page and reference the in-text with your citations sources.  Please submit your assignment on a MSW file. 

I strongly recommend that you submit a cover page, write each question in a page by itself, and submit your references page (referencing your textbook, and demonstrating that you have performed adequate research by citing at least two other sources in addition of your textbook to get your max points. 

Read Chapter’s 12 Case Study ” Data-Driven Schools”. Answer the following questions:

1) Identify and describe the problem discussed in the case.

2) How do business intelligence systems provide a solution to this problem? What are the inputs and outputs of these systems?

3) What management, organization, and technology issues must be addressed by this solution?

4) How successful is this solution? Explain your answer.

5) Should all school districts use such a data driven approach to education? Why or why not?