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Case Study

Instructions:  Read Chapter 2 and watch the following streaming video on Fruit Guys, read the themes and plot statement and answer the questions below in this document. Save the document with your name and submit to Canvas.

Video: https://youtu.be/tuNCDaSYqro


The video emphasizes the importance of economic stability in order to achieve sustainability. Challenges associated with expanding an organization’s operations into different markets are described. The relationship between vision, strategy, and culture are identified as well as the importance of understanding how changes in the economic environment can influence a business’ operations. 


The Chief Executive Officer (CEO)/Founder and the Vice President of Operations (the founder’s sister) discuss vision and strategy challenges in managing a profitable business. Specific challenges in expanding the business to new markets are discussed including some setbacks and some successes. The importance of hiring the right talent is also discussed. The importance of trying to balance profitability with the nimbleness to take advantage of new opportunities is also mentioned. 

Your Name:


  1. The text points out that “the process of environmental scanning helps to pinpoint strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that the organization will face during the planning horizon.” Describe one strength, weakness, opportunity and threat that you see for Fruit Guys.   


  • The CEO describes one poorly planned attempt to expand in Chicago that was not successful. Taking on a business partner is similar to mergers and acquisitions. Describe how the “Before the Deal” due diligence described in the text might also apply to considering new partners.


  • How did Fruit Guys change their strategy to successfully expand into other geographic markets?


  • Areas of external environmental scan include economic, legislative/political, demographic, and geographic/competitive. The CEO describes some challenges Fruit Guys faced due to changing economic conditions and expanding geographically. What are some possible legal/political influences Fruit Guys face?


  • What are some possible demographic changes Fruit Guys face?


  • The CEO mentions using the Commitment Index Test in hiring employees to make sure that their personality is matched with their job. What are some HR metrics that Fruit Guys might use to determine if this test is successful?


  • Do you think benchmarking or using a balanced scorecard would be effective approaches to the measurement of strategic performance of Fruit Guys? Why or why not?