lab report

A- OBJECTIVE – This is a specific statement of the entire design problem given in complete sentences. Be thorough. If there is more than one design, at least one sentence per design should be stated and include all design parameters given.

B- PROCEDURE – This tells the reader what steps were taken to accomplish or proceed with the design including any design theory and how design results would be verified. This may include a general format of equations used for design. If these general equations are appropriately labeled, they may be referred to throughout the report in order to avoid restating them repeatedly. This section may be given in complete sentences or in a numerically ordered step- by-step process.

C- DATA & RESULTS – This section includes calculations and/or the results of calculations, labeled circuits (simulated or hard-wired, Design 1, Figure 1…), labeled MultiSim simulation results, any measured or simulated data, properly labeled tables, graphs, etc.

D- DISCUSSION – This section offers a verbal explanation/comparison of all experiment data (theoretical/calculated, simulated, and measured), expectations, observations and results.

E- CONCLUSION – This section includes a mathematical and/or scientific comparison (% ERROR) of expected results vs. actual(measured) or simulated results. Discuss possible reasons for any errors. List something learned by doing this experiment.