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Ethics is an extremely sensitive topic. The definition and the parameters of ethical behavior are very specific to each person in the workplace. While some behaviors are black and white in terms of ethics, there are other behaviors that are gray in definition and/or in action. If you are going to be a successful leader in the workplace, you must exhibit ethical behaviors at all times to those around you. It is also a good idea outside of work to approach decision-making concerning choices that involve ethical behavior in the same manner. Many people struggle with decisions that involve ethics. Finally, ethical behavior – good or bad –is part of your workplace reputation. Keep in mind that if you ever lose a good reputation, it will be extremely difficult for others to restore their faith and trust in you. A good reputation is one of those intangible attributes in life that is priceless.

In a one-page (maximum) argument, explain in more detail the meaning of these scores to you. Take a look at Chapter Two for additional information regarding this self-assessment test. Make at least three assertions about the meaning(s) of this self-assessment test to you and support them with example(s). Write a convincing case that presents a strong defense for your argument.