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Testing Plan

 1. Jesse wants to see a structure chart. She said to use program modules based on the

processes we identified earlier. She wants the modules to be cohesive and loosely coupled.

2. Need a testing plan that includes unit integration and system testing as Jesse requested.

Also, need a reminder about careful documentation.

3. Jesse says it’s important to understand the difference between the test and operational

environments, and she wants me to draft a message that explains the installation process

and includes guidelines for all concerned. Also need to develop a training plan for TIMS,

with groups that should receive training, the topics that should be covered, and training

methods we might use.

4. Jesse wants me to recommend a data conversion plan and a changeover method for

TIMS. She also wants a plan for post-implementation review, including fact-gathering

methods, topics to cover, the timing of the review, and who should perform it.