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Reward System, design a theory-based strategic experiment

Part II-  Here are the instructions, my part is the highlighted in yellow, and attached is some part of the presentation so you can follow. (3 slides with speaker notes)

Utilizing the same virtual organization from the measurement and reward System, design a theory-based strategic experiment based on one of the following problems associated with the organization:

  • Huffman Trucking
    • Rising fuel costs are affecting the operations of Huffman Trucking. The company would like to refrain from passing on the fuel costs to its customers, but in order to do so it needs to find other ways to cut costs. How can Huffman cut costs to supplement the rising fuel prices?
    • Being a successful company in a competitive business that is easily affected by fuel costs, Huffman would like to continue to set itself apart from other trucking companies. With the growing and highly publicized concern by all for the environment, Mr. H. Huffman is interested in adapting to a more eco-friendly approach, as well as potentially adapting their brand and marketing efforts to illustrate the company’s commitment to the environment. What are some things that could be done and how should they be structured?
    • Huffman Trucking has -consistently been successful as it relates to shipping large amounts of cargo for longer distances. However, they have also consistently lost business in the ship-same-day or ship-next-day markets. To remain competitive during slow economic times, Huffman must find a way to increase business in the same-day and next-day markets or they must enter a new market completely. What can they do?