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I have to answer these questions for my professor. Please use your own words to answer these questions.

  • 1- How has technology affected marketing? What types of new technologies are organizations using to market their products and services to both buyers and sellers?
  • 2-You are the marketing manager for a leading coffee chain. Your company has made the decision to expand internationally, specifically into China. What are some environmental factors that you will need to consider in marketing your coffee in China? Which of one of these factors would have the largest effect on the company’s marketing strategy? Explain why.
  • 3-What measurable benefits are companies deriving from their investments in the Web 2.0 technologies, both internal and external?
  • 4-What impact do you think would happen to the company that makes the Big Green Egg if they had an extensive ad campaign?
  • 5-You mentioned that the Internet has opened up a wider range of target markets and customers for companies. By doing so, these companies have also entered a media that has many more competitors selling the same products as other companies. What can these companies do, marketing-wise, that would differentiate their products or services to attract customers to their web sites?
  • 6-Facebook has exploded in the web marketing business recently and there is no end in sight. Do you think that marketing people browse personal posts to determine what kind of preferences that a person has and then target that person with a product that matches?
  • 7-Technology now has the capability to advertise and promote products world-wide. What kind of problems or challenges does this bring to marketing managers to be able to sell their products to difference cultures, languages, etc.?
  • 8-What would you look for in establishing the distribution channels in China?  What do you suppose the obstacles would be?

Please reword this paragraph in your OWN WORDS. DO NOT COPY from any websites please.

9-This video was very interesting. One key point that stood out was how the gentleman believed strongly about marketing. He did not put all of his focus on the product. While the product is important, the marketing was more significant. At one point he was putting 50% of sales back into marketing. It does make since. Businesses have to know how to appeal to customers and understand what is going to make them happy. Up until 2013, my employer did not have a huge marketing plan. A lot of our business was from word of mouth, but there came a point where we were sort of stagnate. We were not able to compete with the bigger competitors. We put a lot of money into marketing in the form of brochures, marketing package, and website. Over the last two years, business has more than doubled