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Evaluating Monitoring Programs

Discussion Part I

While designing a monitoring plan for your program or policy, if you  discovered that different techniques for monitoring the implementation  of the program or policy produced conflicting results, how would you  reach an effective monitoring plan?

Consider that the observation data monitoring technique suggests  that, on average, staff members spend 1 hour per week on teaching  life-skills to clients as the program intended, but the service record  data monitoring technique suggests that staff spends 15 minutes on  average teaching life-skills to clients, against the program’s  intentions. What do you think could account for the discrepancy between  different monitoring techniques?

Discussion Part II

Among the different observational data collection  techniques—narrative, data, and structured rating scheme, which  technique do you consider to be the strongest approach? Which technique  do you think is the weakest? Explain your rationale.

Is it advisable to combine two or more observational data collection  techniques? Are there any advantages to combining techniques? Are there  any disadvantages to combining techniques? Discuss.

Cite any sources using APA format on a separate page.