Case Study Attitudes And Perceptions

 Companies are interested in motivating employees: Work hard, be productive, behave ethically—and stay healthy. Health care costs are rising, and employers are finding that unhealthy habits such as smoking or being overweight are costing companies big bucks. Your company is concerned about the rising health care costs and decides to motivate employees to adopt healthy habits. Therefore, employees are given a year to quit smoking. If they do not quit by then, they are going to lose their jobs. New employees will be given nicotine tests, and the company will avoid hiring new smokers in the future. The company also wants to encourage employees to stay healthy. For this purpose, employees will get cash incentives for weight loss. If they do not meet the weight, cholesterol, and blood pressure standards to be issued by the company, they will be charged extra fees for health insurance. Is this plan ethical? Why or why not? Can you think of alternative ways to motivate employees to adopt healthy habits.

 Criteria Description Points Content • Case Study document (1-2 pages) will address: A Description of the experience, the challenges, or the successes, Description of consistencies or patterns leading to a summary of the problem or situation, Description of the possible causes ,Summary of outcomes or impact  Delivery • Organization of content • Thoroughness and completeness • Minimal grammar or spelling, Citations • References