Assessment Activity •  Produce a script for an (approx.) 2 minute security awareness training video. • Example videos and their scripts are attached below – Cybersense Videos + Scripts – MediaPro Videos + Scripts • These are only examples, feel free to use a different style of script • You are not required to produce a video, only the script.

Security Awareness Videos • Think about a (single) clear topic for the video. • Your video should be aimed at general employees at a mid to large sized organisation in Australia. • The goal of the video is to modify the behaviour of employees, by either highlighting risky behaviour, affirming good behaviour, or both. • Include short “key takeaway” messages (no more than 3 to end the script with.)

• Ensure that you think of an original idea, perhaps based on the topics we have discussed in the course or other materials, and produce original dialog. • Please don’t copy any existing videos, although you can cover the same topics provided you do so in a new manner.