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HUS 510

Module 4 Case Study “Who’s Values: The Politics of Planning”


Jennifer aspired to become Executive Director of her mental health center where she worked. She had recently been asked to staff a committee charged with planning for community based services and was excited to incorporate more advocacy, empowerment, and prevention programs. They appointed a board to help with these new services which was much more conservative than Jennifer had hoped. The chair of the board completely ignored her proposals and stated that the role of the paid staff was not to push their philosophy, but to help the new board implement whatever programs the board developed. As the meeting progressed it became clear that the board wanted to hire an Executive Director with project management skills, not a human services degree. Now that her professional philosophy and goals have been discounted she does not know what to do.

You must decide what she should do next and determine whether the role of paid committee staff is to push the philosophy they feel is best or to carry out the wishes of the committee, even if they do not agree philosophically with those wishes.


  • Step 1: Step 1: Read Case 15: Who’s values: The Politics of Planning (pages 95-98)..
    NOTE: You may have to login to the library website to access this material.
  • Step 2: Submit a 2-4-page paper that analyzes ethics and values. Answer the questions at the end of Case 15 (pages 97 and 98) in essay form. Utilize a minimum of two scholarly sources and two ethical standards from the Ethical Standards for Human Services Professionals ethical code to support your response. 


  • Mayers, R. S., Schoech, D., & Souflée, F. (1994). Dilemmas in Human Services Management: Illustrative Case Studies. New York: Springer Publishing Company. Access the case study through the Saint Leo University library.
    NOTE: the course LibGuide has a direct link to the case study.
  • Ethical Standards for Human Services ethical code. 

Learning Goals:

  • Determine the role of paid committee staff
  • Practice making decisions that are ethical, emotion, and professional
  • Analyze how human services values and attitudes apply in practice