Community Work and Collaborations

Teamwork is essential to social work practice. Macro level change cannot occur unless many individuals come together and work across differences. Group work can also be frustrating when trying to coordinate schedules, interact with different personalities, and share an even distribution of work. Despite the challenges of working with others, social workers must develop skills to successfully communicate and work together to accomplish goals.

To further develop these skills, this course provides the opportunity to work with a small group and create a wiki. Consider what makes a group work well and what can create discord. How do you make this group project a positive learning experience?

For this week’s small group discussion, you will reflect on the importance of collaborating with others to accomplish macro level change. You also reflect on strategies to create a positive learning environment while developing group skills. 

Post your responses to the following question presented for the Group Discussion:

  • Describe your experience working in groups or as a team.
  • Explain the importance of collaborating with different groups and building coalitions in order to advocate for community and policy change.
  • Thinking about the wiki project you will do during this course: 
    • List one strength you will bring to your group.
    • Describe a potential difficulty that may occur within the group and explain a strategy you will recommend to your group to address that difficulty.