Annotated bibliography

In this assignment, you will begin to develop an annotated bibliography.  

First, provide 5 quotes from each of the 4 articles that you identified in the Unit 1 Individual Project and paraphrase them.  

 Then, using the 20 paraphrased sentences you created, prepare a 3–4-page paper using the following instructions:

Copy the 20 paraphrased sentences  Organize these 20 paraphrased sentences into paragraphs that make sense to you  Where needed, add a filler sentence between the paraphrased sentences 

 Provide screenshots to demonstrate use of Endnote for the articles used for this assignment  

The result of this Individual Project should demonstrate how you use your annotated bibliography in writing a Doctoral paper and, in the future, the Chapter 2 Literature Review of your Dissertation.

Cite your references using APA format.