Reading Assignment

All the Real Indians Died Off Myth#1 Chapter

Vocabulary and Concepts

American   Exceptionalism



Indian   Problem

Manifest   Destiny

Master   Narrative

Postcolonial   Studies

Settler   Colonialism

Questions about the Text

1.   Where does Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz say myths about Native peoples originate (8)? Who creates them? Why?

2. What is one example of a master   narrative you have learned about the United States? Who do you think created   it and what purpose or motive does it serve? 

3. What is the “Vanishing Indian” (9)? How does it enforce the Indian Problem?

4. What is the primary difference   between colonialism and settler colonialism (10)? What is the primary goal of the settler state?

5. Dunbar-Ortiz explains that   genocide doesn’t always mean war or even killing people (11). What are the more “insidious” examples she provides to   explain the United States’ genocidal policies against Indigenous people?

6. How do settler ideas and   standards of authenticity hurt Indigenous people and contribute to their   erasure (12)?