I want to learn how to be healthy

This is a two-part assignment. See the schedule for due dates of each part.

Part I: Assignment proposal:

You get to come up with an assignment just for you!

Part of being a professional is being able to self-assess, to know what you need to work on to enhance your career or to put you in line for promotion/advancement in the future or just something you want to learn more about or learn how to do because it’s just so interesting to you. So, design an assignment for yourself! It doesn’t have to be related to your job either. (If you want to learn how to knit, great- that could be your assignment – really!). The assignment will include the following:

  • Title – should reflect what you are doing
  • Justification: Why you have chosen this particular assignment 
  • Detailed description and requirements for your assignment (aka – what you will do and how – *see below for an example)
  • What you will present to the class to demonstrate/show/etc. your final “product” (pictures, video, etc.)

The assignment should NOT be something you have completed for another course (that’s double dipping and could also constitute plagiarism). If you want to modify something, please check with me first.

Submit the assignment proposal to the appropriate dropbox.

*Example description:

Using the example of learning to knit, your assignment proposal might look something like this:

Title: Knitting a scarf

Justification: I would like to be able to make scarves for gifts for friends and family. Also, I need to find an activity that I can do to help me relax after a hard day at work. Knitting is also something I could take with me and work on over my lunch break or when I’m waiting for my kids to finish at soccer practice – and it doesn’t require electricity or wifi connection!

Description of what I will do: 

  • I will look for YouTube videos and websites for instructions on how to knit a simple scarf (since I’m just starting out, I will learn how to do at least two basic stitches)
  • I will make a list of the materials I need
  • I will find stores that carry knitting supplies or will order them online
  • Using the videos and online instructions I found, I will knit a scarf!
  • I will take pictures as I make the scarf.

How I will present my completed project:
The product I will present to the class as documentation of my completed assignment will be a narrated powerpoint presentation that will include the pictures I took with captions, explanation of how I determined what instructions and videos to use from all the ones I looked at, and my reflections on the process. I will bring a scarf (or scarves) I have worked on or completed.

Part II: Completion of Assignment

  • Review the feedback I provided on your assignment design. 
  • Now complete this assignment, addressing/incorporating the feedback I provided
  • Present to the class on the date indicated on the schedule.
  • Submit your reflection paper about your experience completing the assignment. Was it beneficial? Why or why not? If you were doing it again, what would you do differently and why?