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Billing work process project

One: Introduction

The introduction should contain the following parts:

  1. Briefly state the problem that you seek to solve through your project.
  2. Describe the big picture and the context of your project.
  3. Provide a short introduction to the topic in your own words.
  4. Describe how this project, system or idea is used by real people in the health facility.
  5. State how the project will be beneficial to the facility.

Two: Methodology

Explain how you implemented the project.

  1. How will your work resolve the problem or topic of the project?
  2. What steps did you take to complete your project?
  3. Who were the key players closely involved in your project the project?
  4. What machinery and/or software was required to complete?
  5. Where and how did you get the resources for your project?
  6. What challenges did you encounter? For example, was system access an issue? Was access to key staff members a problem? How did you resolve issues?

Three: Results

Write a 2-3 paragraph summary of the result of your project. What was the final outcome of the project? What did you accomplish? Was the project successful? Is the project currently being utilized by the facility? Then reflect on the project and results – what did YOU learn from the project? What would you have done differently if allowed? Include a deliverable if possible – attach the policy, procedure, form, etc. that you created or used on site for this project.