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In a three- to five-page paper:

· Describe a minimum of five challenges from the list below that are defining the future strategic direction of health care.

o  Proposed health care reform and legislation

o  Information technology advancements such as the electronic medical record (EMR)/ electronic health record (EHR)

o  Accreditation, quality of healthcare, and organizational compliance

o  Economics, including third party payers, future funding, rising costs, the Medicare and Medicaid programs

o  Access to health care including the uninsured and those in the poverty levels

o  Public entities in controlling the demand aspects of health service

o  Market shares and advancing age of population

o  Maintaining a skilled workforce

o  Pay for performance

· Describe how an organization can adapt its direction and strategies to effectively address these challenges.

Your paper must be three to five double-spaced pages (excluding title and reference pages) and formatted according to APA style. Utilize a minimum of two scholarly sources that were published within the last five years.