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Ten states have enacted legislation granting free college tuition, and several more are considering such legislation. (See map below) 

Should college tuition in Texas be free?

  • -Explain the pros and cons of free college tuition, including the costs and benefits to society.
  • -Since there definitely is a cost to providing a college education, who would pay for these costs if tuition is “free”?
  • -College education results in a positive externality for society. Explain whether the market failure that results from this externality is already being addressed with respect to college tuition in Texas.
  • -What would happen to the number of students enrolled in college, and how would this impact college campuses?
  • -Would free tuition decrease the value of a college education? Explain why or why not.
  • -The above points are just a few relating to the topic of free college tuition. What other points not mentioned above do you think should be considered when discussing the possibility of free college tuition, and why?