Computer network


Chapter 1 Worksheet

  1. What is used when choosing a routing protocol?
  • What do Distance Vector protocols use to make decisions?
  • How do Link State protocols select best path to a network?
  • How do Path vector protocols decide what the best path is?
  • Complete the Routing Protocol table below.  Be prepared to answer questions regarding the protocols.
  Distance Vector Link-State Path Vector
  • What is convergence?  What is convergence time?  What things factor into convergence time, including those you can influence?
  • How does route summarization help convergence time?
  • Complete the multicast address table below.
IPv4 Multicast Address Description
IPv6 Multicast Address Description
  • Which IPv4 traffic type isn’t supported by IPv6?
  1. What is the purpose of an IPv6 Global Unicast address?
  1. What is the purpose of an IPv6 Link-Local address?
  1. What role do each of the following five messages play in IPv6 Neighbor Discovery?
    1. Router Solicitation –
  • Router Advertisement –
  • Neighbor Solicitation –
  • Neighbor Advertisement –
  • Redirection –
  1. Write the static routes, in the box below the correct router, that would need to be configured on the router to ensure connectivity between each routers’ internal LAN addresses of and
  1. Write the PPP and CHAP authentication commands, in the box below the correct router, that would need to be configured on the routers to correctly configure PPP with CHAP authentication.
  1. Explain, in your own words, Frame Relay, what it is (theory), what are the Frame Relay topologies, and what is  a DLCI.
  1. When might you want to use GRE?
  1. Give an example of when you would choose to implement DMVPN.
  1. Briefly explain the role of NHRP in a network.
  1. List and briefly explain the four security services IPsec provides.
  • Complete the comparing RIP table below.
Feature RIPv2 RIPng
  • What command do you enter on the router to enable IPv6?
  • List the commands needed to configure RIPng.  (I just want you to read the material and be familiar with the needed commands).