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Throughout the week, identify and describe an example you found in your own life or TV that highlights the themes associated with 5 of the 9 different perspectives and frameworks.  Each example must come from a different situation, interaction, or observation.  In other words, don’t use the same interaction with your parent and describe it from different perspectives.

  • Family Ecology Perspective
  • Family Life Course Development Framework
  • Structure-Functional Perspective
  • Interaction-Constructionist Perspective
  • Exchange Theory
  • Family Systems
  • Feminist Theory
  • Biosocial Perspective
  • Attachment Theory

Please use complete sentences for each entry, but a formal paper in paragraph form is not required.   Be specific in your entries to share what you saw and how it aligns with that perspective or theory. 

For example:

During Modern Family, one of the main characters (Jay) who is a grandfather to teenagers but also a father to a toddler, was asked to socialize with another couple who was said to be very similar. The other man was considerably older and Jay was offended to be associated with someone in that age bracket.  This aligns with the Family Life Course Development Framework as Jay struggles to balance his aging and retirement expectations with his much younger wife’s role as she is living life through the middle years.