See attached Instructions

Assignment 1:

For this assignment, you, as the CEO, will create a memorandum (a sample is shown here) to those professionals you selected to be on your leadership team and why they have been selected.

Your memorandum will alert the professionals of a meeting you are scheduling with them to discuss issues and will include the Issue Brief Working Template from the Week 3 assignment with the 10 prioritized issues as Page 2 to your memorandum. Explain in your memorandum that the purpose of your meeting is to review the Issues Brief Working Template grid, solicit their input to address the top three issues prioritized from the list of 10 you’re providing, gain their input to determine how their departments are affected by the issues/trends, and gather their recommendations on selected strategies.

Length: This assignment will consist of a title page, the memorandum to three senior C-suite professionals (you may list all three titles, rather than names, in the same memorandum), the Issue Brief Working Template from Week 3 following the memorandum, and a reference page.

Assignment 2:

For this simulated meeting, you will look at the issues from multiple perspectives including the financial implications on the organization from the CFO’s perspective, the delivery of safe and quality clinical healthcare from the CNO’s perspective, the safeguards needed to protect patient health information from the perspective of the CTO, and the overall perspective that you have as the CEO. Your assignment is to describe how you would conduct your meeting to engage these senior leaders in an iterative process to narrow down to the top 10 issues to the final three issues on which you and your team will now focus. You will also report on what challenges and conflicts which may occur during the consensus- building dialogue.

The Medicare reimbursement issue is already affecting your hospital’s financial situation and has surfaced to be of grave concern. Since this issue has the most potential to disrupt hospital operations and the delivery of quality healthcare, you have made the decision and must inform your leadership team that the Medicare reimbursement issue must be one of the three issues addressed.

As the outcome of this simulated meeting and for this assignment, you will a) create the meeting minutes (sample shown below) reflecting the discussion during the simulated meeting, and b) revise your Issue Brief Working Template to reflect only the three issues that your team has chosen. Your team concurs with your projection about the need to address the reimbursement issue and has made this their top priority. Your revised Issue Brief Working Template will have this issue as the number one priority.